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Visual Artist

I am a Chilean artist with many years in newspaper, television, radio, magazines & digital media. Leaving the corporate world, I started my own media company. The Collinsville Daily News is in 150+ countries with content in English and Spanish. My creativity is experienced through acrylic paintings and graphic design. Commissioned artwork is available. 

Jose Garza.jpeg

Visual Artist

José Guadalupe Garza was born along the US/Mexico border. He is a conceptual artist, educator, and military veteran working across various mediums. His practice examines how Latinx histories are continually constructed and reconstructed in American popular culture. Garza borrows from films, music, literary works, and the science fiction genre to create reimagined narratives that include appropriated images, recorded music, reenactments, experimental photography, improvisation, ad hoc libraries, presentations, curated screenings and exhibitions, and ready-made objects. 

Rony Reyes.jpg

Visual Artist

Latino artist in the STL Metro Region specializing in custom hand painted jackets along with traditional artwork.

Valeria Rodriguez.png

Visual Artist

Shine In All Shades Empowerment Coloring Book Series pays homage to diversity of women of our world, specifically women of color. Shining a light on the full spectrum of black and brown women - I hand-drew, designed and self-published this creative wellness tool filled with affirmations and illustrations celebrating and empowering us!

Carlos Restrepo.jpg

Bilingual Graphic Designer

Bilingual graphic designer, writer and multimedia specialist.

Javier Torres Gomez-Mictlan Age Comics.j

Architect, Illustrator, Comic Book Artist - Mictlan Age Comics

Mictlan Age Comics ha nacido con un concepto único creando personajes basados en la mitología de las culturas mesoamericanas.

Mario Orduna.jpg

Visual Artist


Visual Artist

Graphic, iconography in theory and practice. Monumental painting and illustrations.

Diario Digital.jpg

Managing Editor

Offering a wide variety of digital creative services including website creation (Wordpress), graphic design, printing services and design, marketing & video and audio production.


Visual Artist

My main interest performance art and performative strategies through multiple media, seeking to engage the audience through proximity and the discourse of the materials. I address Venezuela’s social, politic, and economic fabrics, the burden of Catholicism’s culture in Latin American society, and the awareness of our own death, as a path to make sense out of existence


Visual Artist

I am a Dominican emerging artist working primarily in acrylics. I appreciate the newness of unexplored expression and the bold engagement of artist variance. My artwork is fed with layers of color, textures, and mystery that portrays the feelings and emotions I had while creating my pieces. My work mainly consist of Dominican-Taino Symbolism, Abstract, and Zentangle style.

20220331_221840 (2).jpg

Visual Artist

I'm an artist specializing in abstract art through painting, murals, drawing, graphic design, and arts & crafts. I allow my creative nature to expand my arts as I continue to grow and develop professionally and spiritually.


Portrait and Headshot Photographer. 

Visual Artist


Drawing Inspiration from her native Colombia, local painter Luisa Otero Prada fills canvases with vibrant flora, people and colorful abstractions.

Visual Artist


Passion for the craft of movie/video production and making beautiful images is the center of everything, but to experience the world through travel and meaningful relationships is truly the nucleus that life and creativity revolves around. 

Movie Maker/Photographer

Orlando V. Thompson II

Britt Zuniga.JPG


Britt is a writer recently turned videographer. They are currently studying short documentary style filmmaking and hope to connect with fellow latinx videographers and artists of all mediums to expand their skills. Britt is passionate about the queer, trans people of color community (QTPOC) and aspires to share their stories through video.

Maca Boards.jpg

Visual Artist

One of a kind skateboards! Good for the wall or streets. 

connie .jpg

Visual Artist/UX Designer

Connie Flores is a Xicana visual designer raised in Houston, TX. She completed her BFA in Communication Designer at Syracuse University. Currently working as a Designer at Brand Almanac and freelancing in the Greater St. Louis area, she is eager to collaborate with other creatives to find suitable approaches at the intersection of design and social justice.


Visual Artist

Mayra works in graphic design (mostly business cards and posters).  She is also a photographer of portraits and events.

erika matos photography.jpg

Visual Artist

My passion is in capturing emotions through photography, I always do my best to bring it into my work and that is why I love being a life style photographer!  

Portraits | Maternity | Family | Events

Kulli Anqas JPG.jpg

Visual Artist 

As a Peruvian-white woman, born and raised in the middle of the U.S, I only have a slightly deeper view of my indigenous ancestors compared to the 'western’ layman. I navigate this dissonance through research of historic traditions, native resources, and powerful symbols of Inca culture in Peru. With artistic creation, I analyze how my roots relate to my current reality.


Visual Artist

If it's on a computer, she's probably done it. Isabel has been working in IT, Marketing, and Creative fields for over 19 years. Her portrait photography has been featured in both online and print publications.

Fabio Rodriguez.jpeg

Fabio José Rodríguez

Visual Artist

Currently an art instructor at De Soto High School in De Soto, Missouri, Fabio is also following his career as a professional artist, exhibiting at a national and international level. Throughout the years he has been more focused on artivism in order to help out my Latinx, African American, and Native American communities.

Alejandra Velasco.jpg

Visual Artist 

Fine artist & designer

that  loves exploring different mediums and techniques like Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Digital illustration, Mixed media and Metal embossing. Visit her website for Art Prints and Workshops

Shaman Art.jpg

Visual Artist 

My art is digital mixed media.  I use photographs to layer effects creating a visual piece to stimulate your mind.  I have a strong affinity for art deco and surrealistic art.  My emphasis is on the human form.  I am evolving with the times and have started being an NFT artist.

Julia Lopez.jpg

Visual Artist

Julia is a 1st generation Latina immigrant, currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. She started delving into photography in 2010. The lens in which she works through is shaped by her experiences as a public health professional and licensed clinical social worker. She sees relationships between significant moments and the candid, natural beauty that surrounds us every day. 

Connie Barrera.jpg

Photographer / Videographer

Photography & Videography for weddings, quinceañeras, and family photos. Fotografía y Videografía para bodas, quinceañeras, y fotos de familia.


Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Public Art

L. Irene Compadre, RLA is the Founding Principal of Arbolope Studio – an award-winning Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Public Art practice based in St. Louis.

Yvonne Anguiano.jpg

Costume Technician / Costume Designer / Sound Designer

Costume Technician by day. Activist with Solid Lines Productions by night. 

Eleanor Martinez.jpeg

Mixed Media / Painter

A self taught artist who enjoys working in many mediums including paint, collage, photography, mixed media, floral, jewelry and portrait art. Eleanor has taught arts and crafts to children in preschool and after school programs. Commissioned artwork is available.


Miriam Ruiz

Visual Artist / Art Curator / Art Educator

Miriam Ruiz is an art educator, artist, and curator.

She currently manages school and community programming at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and is a curator for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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