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Writer / Videographer

Britt is a writer recently turned videographer. They are currently studying short documentary style filmmaking and hope to connect with fellow latinx videographers and artists of all mediums to expand their skills. Britt is passionate about the queer, trans people of color community (QTPOC) and aspires to share their stories through video.


Poet/ short fiction writer/dancer

María T. Balogh is a bilingual, bicultural poet, fiction writer, performing Caribbean folkloric dancer, occasional doodler/painter, and educator. She has a book of poetry in Spanish by Ediciones Torremozas, a Spanish publisher, and a collection of poetry and fiction in English by Cool Way Press. Her fiction and poetry have been published in several different journals from the USA and South America. She has been all over and done just about everything, including building rural aqueducts while in the Peace Corps. She now teaches Spanish, specializing in Latin American literature and culture, and creative writing at the University of Missouri St Louis.​

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